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Eding! International Science Festival (E!ISeF) is in its 2nd year after a successful and humble beginning in 2009. The concept of a Science festival emanated from a separation of our Career Kgothe-Kgothe into Eding! Science festival and Commerce-Law & Management Festival in 2008. The science festival gained momentum with intervention of SAASTA’s Mr. Shadrack Mkansi who championed the induction of SLEG Consulting’s team of two at SciFest Africa in 2008.

E!ISeF is the largest substrate for education and advocacy of Science-Engineering-Technology-Mathematics by Organisations in this fields in South Africa and International arena. It is an annual Science-Engineering-Technology –Mathematics awareness project held in Limpopo province in the month of March.


Developing, coordinating and managing an international plasma of STEM resources, innovation, information and partnering with a diversity of private-public institutions to make E!ISeF a substrate for induction of excellence, access to STEM information and empowerment.

OUR Vision

To develop a substrate for communicating and educating the school going learners and the public on Science-Engineering-Technology-Mathematics research and development, career education, and the fun thereof.



E!ISeF was made a reality with the sponsorship and support of the Department of Science and Technology/SAASTA and Polokwane Municipality through operational grant and venue respectively.

The Department of Science and Technology’s Youth into Science Strategy is to (i) enhance science and technology literacy among the public in general and the youth in particular and (b) enrol more and representative youth with talent and potential into science, engineering and technology-based careers1.

Science-Engineering-Technology-Mathematics innovation

Our name SLEG is a Pedi abbreviation for a proverb Sogana Le sa EteGo and completed le nyala kgaetjedi. South Africa is on the crossroads of development and inequalities in living standards of its residents profile. The next 25 to 50 years will see an intolerant society to poverty/inequality and wealth distribution hence a need to expose the grade 3 to 12 learners who are our only substrate if we are to make any difference in the active society of 2035-2065. Now is the only time we have to develop and induce interest in Science-Engineering-Technology-Mathematics innovation and development in our future-carriers, the grade 3-12 learners in our school system



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01 Department of Science and Technology/SAASTA

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02 Polokwane Municipality

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04 SAASTA, SLEG Consulting, Kumba Iron Ore Ltd

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